We Erred…

We erred …

On 30 September 2013 a blog posting was made on our AGNA website that was disrespectful to the older person’s that we serve.  This posting has been removed and we apologize for this comment.  In this a virtual world we recognize that the posting is never truly gone.  A ‘virtual statement’ reflects on the profession of nursing and is held to the same standard as in person verbal statements.  As a CARNA Specialty Practice Group we strive to adhere to the governance policy that reflects CARNA’s vision, mission and values.

Reviewing CARNA’s Social Media guidelines (December 2011) reinforces that no matter what our professional designation or role in health care ‘social media is about interactions between people, using technology as a conduit’.  We all need to take the time to understand social media – what is and is not appropriate.

With the support of CARNA, we are embracing this event as a learning opportunity.  We are reviewing and developing further our practice guide for content review and posting turnaround on our website blog.  AGNA remains committed to professional and respectful communication across our provincial community of practice – whether in person member meetings, teleconferencing, and web based sessions, social media and electronic newsletters.

We want to thank Carolyn Trumper, CARNA Director, Policy and Practice for her frank discussion and guidance.

Lynne Moulton



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