AGNA Continuing Education (ACE) Awards Recipients

The 2023 Ace Awards Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 ACE Awards:

Jason Woytas

Check back soon for Jayson's account of how the trip went and how what he learned will help him in his practice!

Cherryl De la Cruz

Check back soon for Cherryl's account of how the trip went and how what she learned will help her in her practice!

Congratulations to Jason & Cherryll!

This year's awards were provided to support member attendance at the CGNA Biennial Conference in Niagara Falls, ON. Click here to read about their experience on our blog!

We also wish to thank all those who applied. It was a tough decision as all applicants were very deserving.

The 2022 ACE Awards Recipients

We gave 2 academic $1000 awards:

  • .Jasmine Hwang, working on her PhD
  • Susan Anning, working on her Master’s

ACE Award 2022 Testimonial from Susan Anning:

"I would like to sincerely thank the AGNA for the $1000 ACE award that I received a few weeks ago. This award means so much to me as I have been a member of the AGNA for many years and have appreciated the advocacy and guidance this organization has provided. I am very privileged to be able to complete my MN degree and this funding is a great help.
I am very passionate about the older person. As I have completed many assignments towards my MN degree I have chosen to focus on the older person, specifically on the challenges with Advance Care Planning and GOC that we have seen with the pandemic. I have learned a great deal about the barriers to ACP in the older population.

I wish the executive of the AGNA all the best." -- Thank you, Susan Anning

The 2021 ACE Awards Recipients

  • Laura Robitaille - CGNA conference
  • Sheena Simpkins Gibbs - PhD tuition
  • Cheryll de la Cruz-Cabalo – CGNA conference
  • Kathelyn Flaws - CGNA conference
  • Sandra Stone - CGNA conference
  • Monique Martin-Parent – PhD tuition

    Here’s what two of the recipients had to say about the impact of receiving the award:

"The ACE Award did not only help me attend the CGNA Conference but also inspired hope amidst the adversity that was the Pandemic. Continuing Care was hit hard, and all I could do as Senior Leader was focus on safety and survival. Staying connected to my colleagues through the conference was a morale booster, and hearing about the latest and promising innovations in Senior Care was just the medicine the doctor ordered. It gave me something to look forward to" -- Cherryll de la Cruz-Cabalo

"I was a lucky recipient of a 2020-21 ACE award. The financial award went towards the registration of the Biannual CGNA 2021 conference entitled “Harnessing the Wonder of Gerontological Nursing”. Two of my colleagues and I were chosen to present at this conference, on our experience in offering study groups to nurses working towards obtaining their CNA Certification in Gerontological Nursing.
Gerontological nursing has long been a passion of mine. Being able to attend a national conference assisted me in exploring new areas of research, to network and it supported my pursuit of providing ongoing excellence in this specialized field of nursing. Thank you AGNA for your support in this endeavor!" -- Sandra

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