McMullen Gallery “Sense of Self” Show

The McMullen Gallery in the University of Alberta Hospital is currently showing artwork featuring artwork from a number of artists, including one of our members, Mary Whale.

Mary has provided a bit of a statement about the show below:

“I am an artist and nurse, a symbiotic relationship that has enriched my life. As a nurse, my job is to empower people throughout their lifespan to realize their potential wellness. As an artist, my aesthetic goal with the elderly is to exalt the beauty of ageing in a youth-oriented society.

It is often difficult to find enough balance to appreciate the wellness in aging.  It has been my nursing experience that many older adults are faced with a grim reality of dwindling socio-economic supports and declining health as they age.  I see people struggling and often succumbing to a body they no longer control.  I see people losing their independence and freedom.  I see people losing their family, friends and homes. 

I often struggle to find any hope for them, and yet feel buoyed by their apparent resilience. I must remember that I only see those that are struggling; the vast majority of older people realize their lives on their own terms.

As an artist, I am moved by the titillating nature of asymmetry and imperfection. I see the beauty, the poignancy, the drama, and the authenticity. That is what I hope the viewer sees… regard.

Mary Whale

I invite you to engage in conversation at

The website for the McMullan Gallery is at and a poster for the event is below:

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