2019 CGNA Conference: Volunteers Needed

Calling all AGNA Members – CGNA 2019 Update and Volunteer Opportunities

CGNA 2019: Older persons climbing mountains: Journeys and transitions

May 2-4, 2019

Westin Hotel, Calgary

Planning is well underway for the CGNA 2019 conference in Calgary. Your AGNA representatives on the CGNA National Conference Planning Committee are:

Cheryl Knight – Conference Co-chair (Provincial)

Kathleen Hunter – Conference Co-chair (Provincial)

Jason Woytas – AGNA President

Sherry Dahlke – Abstract/Scientific Review Committee Co-Chair (Sherry is also AGNA Edmonton Chapter Chair and CGNA Research Committee Chair)

Susan Slaughter – Abstract/Scientific Review Committee Co-Chair

Sharon Moore – Co-Chair Program Committee


We have a number of volunteer opportunities for AGNA members. Currently we are filling Co-Chair and Lead positions, committee volunteers will be needed in the near future. The CGNA National Office provides great support for many activities, and the national committee is made up of AGNA representatives as well as CGNA representatives and representatives from the last national conference in 2017.




Needed Responsibilities


As a lot of the work is with the hotel, a Calgary based AGNA member would be ideally suited for this.


Organize food & beverage planning and meeting spaces. Will include working with Sponsor/exhibitor and Social co-chairs


Great support from the Conference Budget and Finances committee (Diane Buchanan, Conference Co-chair National will help with  food and beverage budgeting including Anne Beckingham Breakfast; Anthony Lombardo CGNA Office Administrator will help with details of room set up – AV, poster boards etc.)

CONFERENCE PROMOTION AGNA Co-chair to work with Heidi Holmes (CGNA Communication Chair, Co-Chair from National Committee) Activities include: Save the date announcements, conference website, develop a media/ social media strategy, work with Calgary Tourism

Support for much of this, including developing the conference website, comes from the CGNA National Office.


REGISTRATION AGNA Lead Work with National Office Administrator to set preliminary registration costs based on conference budget projection, develop registration form, monitor registration, put together conference materials for registrants (you know – the bag stuffing party).


SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITORS AGNA Co-Chair to work with Veronique Boscart (Co-chair from the National Committee)


As there will be work with local sponsors, a Calgary based AGNA member would be ideally suited for this.


Send out a preliminary notice via email to vendors (a list exists from the previous conference. Develop prospectus and send out, verbal/email contact with reps.


AGNA Co-Chair to work with Co-chair from the National Committee.


AGNA Lead for the Silent Auction/ Fundraising for Fundraising for Memorial Scholarship

Definitely the fun committee. Duties include planning the social evening (Gala Dinner and Silent Auction), recruiting and scheduling AGNA member volunteers for the conference (e.g. registration desk, welcoming, gala dinner silent auction, social committee), organizing the Silent Auction to raise funds for the Memorial Scholarship

CGNA2019 Volunteer Responsibilites draft Nov 2017

Once we get the Co-chairs and Leads in place we will be looking for volunteers for these and other committees including Abstract/Peer Scientific Review and the Program Committee. If you haven’t yet put your name down on one of the volunteer lists from the AGNA Conference or Chapter meetings, contact Cheryl (clknight@telusplanet.net)

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