AGNA Member Registration for 2013-2014 Member Year is Now Closed

AGNA member registration for the current member year 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014 is now closed.  If you want to register for the current member year please contact us at  Information regarding this is also posted on the website Member page.

Membership is conjoint with the Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association since 1998.  AGNA has managed the membership registration, data base, fee distribution to chapters, along with the ongoing communication with CGNA throughout this time.

With confidence the Provincial Executive have agreed that commencing with the next membership year - 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015 registration as a conjoint member of AGNA / CGNA will be through the CGNA website.  The member fees and information collected is similar.  Registration for the new member year will open for Alberta on the CGNA website as of 15 February 2014.  This is a change from an earlier message as some additional time is recommended for the website beta testing. 

We appreciate there are members who prefer not to use an electronic payment system.  There is an option on the CGNA site that the member registration form can be completed on line and then printed for mailing in with the fee payment.

Your AGNA member web access continues as a behind the scenes process with you receiving electronic verification as has been the practice for the past several years.

Comments, suggestions and ideas are always appreciated.

Lynne Moulton,
AGNA President

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