Calgary Zone announces new care-based funding matches levels of support to health care needs

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Long-term care residents with higher health care needs will receive the care and attention they require under a funding model that ensures the most appropriate care for all residents.
The new funding model – called Patient Care Based Funding – is designed to ensure equitable funding for every resident in long-term care across the province.

Patient Care Based Funding makes funding for residents equitable and sustainable for all providers in the province. The more care a resident needs the more funding their care providers will receive.

AHS is providing more options for seniors and others requiring continuing care. Since 2010, we have increased funding by more than $118 million into long-term care across the province. Over the past three years, close to 2,500 continuing care beds have opened across the province and another 1,000 new beds will open this year. More Albertans are receiving home care, helping them to remain longer in their own homes.

The care-based funding will begin in March and will be rolled out over the next four years to ensure operators have the time they need to adjust and plan for any changes that will be required.

AHS is responsible for monitoring the quality and safety of care provided at all continuing care facilities that it funds and will continue to closely monitor these facilities to make sure residents and families continue to be satisfied with their care.

The care-based funding model uses an internationally-recognized assessment tool to determine what level of care a resident needs based on their health conditions. This type of model is used in other health organizations across Canada, including Ontario and around the world in such countries as the U.K., Australia and Norway.

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